Court Fees

Effective 1-1-2012
Delinquent Felony$124.00
Delinquent Mis$89.00
Unruly Child$64.00
Traffic Moving$93.00
Traffic Non-Moving$64.00
Indigent Application Fee$25.00

Schedule Of Deposit

Complaint or Petition$250.00
Petition Regarding Writ of Habeas Corpus$300.00
Certified Copies$1.00/page
Non-Certified Copies$0.25/page
Cross Complaint or Counter Claim$25.00
Bond for Ex-Parte Order (unless waived by the Court)$50.00
Cross Complaint or Counter Claim with Service by Sheriff$50.00
Service by Publication$250.00
Application for Expungement on Contributing Case$50.00
Deposit for Service by Sheriff (Private Cases)$50.00
Per Subpoena If No Money on Deposit (Private Cases)$10.00

Contacting the Court

Main Line: 440-329-5187