Lorain County Assessment and Resource Center

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Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Closed on Observed Holidays

Serving youth from age 7 to 18 years old

 The Lorain County Juvenile Court Assessment and Resource Center welcomes youth and families of Lorain County to contact us for support and connection to services.  Families are able to stop in during business hours or call us to set up an appointment at a time of their convenience.  Over the last year, our facility has served over 1,200 cases and has successfully linked youth and families to a variety of services in the community to meet their needs.  We remain proud to provide this service to the citizens of Lorain County and will continue to provide a caring and professional environment for the members of our community that we serve.

Please reach out to us at 440-326-4019 with any questions.  We would be happy to set up a time to come visit your staff to discuss the Assessment Center and the services we offer!

Youth and families participate in a thorough psycho-social assessment to identify youth and family strengths and needs. Assessment Specialists use this information to link youth and families with community agencies/resources designed to meet youth/family needs. Assessment Specialists are able to provide light case management services to youth and families as requested. All youth/families receive follow-up calls within the first week following assessment and again 30 and 90 days following the completion of the assessment.

Law Enforcement Officers are encouraged to contact the Detention Home Control Room at 440-326-4040 to determine whether the Assessment Center is an appropriate option to resolve concerns immediately or by appointment. Officers are asked to contact a parent/guardian and ask that the parent also reports to the Assessment Center if it is decided that the youth will be transported to the Assessment Center. It should be noted that youth must be medically cleared to report to the Assessment Center if they have obvious injuries, appear to be under the influence, or are presenting as actively self-injurious, suicidal, or homicidal.

Parents are encouraged to self-refer when they feel they need assistance managing their child’s unruly or delinquent conduct. Parents may call the Assessment Center at 440-326-4019 to reach an Assessment Specialist or the department voicemail.  Should you leave a voicemail, an Assessor will get back with you within 24 hours.  Parents and juveniles will have an opportunity to be heard on the presenting needs within the home, as well as be advised of the resources in the community that can best meet those needs.  Parents and juveniles in crisis will also be afforded the opportunity to meet with a Behavioral Health clinician for further consultation.

Educators are encouraged to refer when they feel that a youth would benefit from Assessment Center services.  Educators may call the Assessment Center at 440-326-4019 for consultation on potential referrals or they can email the Assessment Center with demographics and details on the presenting concerns.  Emails can be directed to [email protected].

The Department of Probation and Youth Services understands how difficult it can be for families to wait for help and is very pleased to be able to offer youth and families the opportunity to receive immediate assessment and linkage to appropriate services.

Diversion Specialist

Research indicates that it is in the best interests of unruly/ungovernable youth and youth who commit minor offenses to be diverted from formal Juvenile Court involvement. Evidence also indicates it is public safety neutral to do so.

When our Prosecutors’ Office, Magistrates, or the Assessment Center Staff review informal complaints, police reports, or charges and determine that the presenting issues are most appropriately addressed by diverting the youth from formal processing of unruly or delinquency charges, they refer the matter to our Diversion Specialist.

Our Diversion Specialist engages youth and families in a Diversion Conference, during which a psycho-social assessment is completed to identify youth and family strengths and needs. The Diversion Specialist then makes recommendations and referrals for services to build upon strengths and address identified needs.

The Diversion Specialist is able to provide assistance with linkage to services, case management and support for a brief period, usually less than 90 days. The ultimate goal of diversion is for the youth and family to effectively address their needs within the community, without long term diversion involvement or formal court involvement.