The three Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court Judges are very active in their courtrooms, hearing a variety and multitude of cases. The Judges refer a wide range of cases to the Magistrates. The type of cases and matters heard by the judiciary include, but are not inclusive of, the following:

  • Marriage dissolution
  • Divorces – contested and uncontested
  • Civil protection order petitions – domestic violence
  • Pre and Post-Decree domestic relations contempt motions
  • Juvenile hearings involving the following:
  • Motions to bind the juvenile over to the general division
  • Commitments to the Department of Youth Services (DYS)
  • Out-of-home placements
  • Serious youthful offender matters
  • Cases involving Sexual offender registration and notification
  • Objections to Magistrates orders and decisions
  • Motions to vacate Magistrates’ orders
  • Motions to vacate final judgments
  • Permanent surrenders for adoptions
  • Judicial bypass hearings
  • Judicial releases from DYS
  • Marriage consents