Residential Services

David Lucey, Director
Phone: (440) 329-5187

LCJDC Wellness Policy 2021


The Juvenile Facilities Complex provides locked and unlocked shelter care for male and female juveniles. The complex consists of one detention center and one domestic violence/runaway shelter in a campus-style setting.

Lorain County Juvenile Detention Home

Boy’s Detention Home 9967 S. Murray Ridge Rd., Elyria 44035

The purpose of the detention home is to provide secure confinement of appropriate juveniles under the age of 18. Judges and Magistrates determine if detention is appropriate as indicated by statute or the Ohio Supreme Court Rules. Unruly or ungovernable youth may not be placed in detention beyond twenty-four hours. Delinquent youth may be confined to detention by an order of the Court for up to 90 days pre disposition. Delinquent youth sentenced to the detention home may be confined longer.

The Lorain County Detention Home is licensed and monitored by the Ohio Department of Youth Services. Both male and female residents are housed in separate wings of the Boys Detention Home. The facility is designed to house 44 males and 12 females. The staff to youth ratio during waking hours is 1:12, with the ratio increasing to 1:25 during sleeping hours.

During the admission process, each resident is administered a mental health screening. If the screening reveals any mental health concerns, Applewood Centers will conduct an assessment. In addition, there is a nurse on site and a doctor on call to meet all medical needs. Within seven days of admission, the detention home nurse or doctor will conduct a physical exam for each resident.

While in detention, education is provided through the Educational Service Center of Lorain County. In addition to classroom instruction, there are twenty-five individual computer stations available for those enrolled in online education.

COVID Visitation Policy – Detention Home Visitation

In-person visitation for families is suspended. Parent/guardians are able to visit youth via Zoom by appointment only.

Professional staff are able to visit residents by appointment only.

Contact (440) 326-4040 to schedule appointment.

Detention Home Phone Calls

Resident’s make 10-minute phone calls according to their last names.

(Last names A-M) Phone calls permitted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

(Last names N-Z) Phone calls permitted on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Bringing in Food for Residents

We receive several requests throughout the year for several different reasons from several different groups. Therefore, the guidelines are fairly simple and direct. Please see the following procedures:

  1. Any type of request to bring outside food into the facilities must have prior approval by a supervisor. You may contact the following Supervisors to make a request: Detention Home – Mark Osborne or David Lucey. Unlocked Residential- David Lucey, Steve Medvetz or any shift supervisor. This is for a special requests only. Requests for Birthdays, Holidays etc. are to follow the process below.
  2. Pizza and other snack items may be purchased through Aramark for all Detention Home and Turning Point residents
  3. Aramark services may be reached at (440) 326-4046

Turning Point

Turning Point is a non-secure facility that provides short-term shelter care, designed to be less than 14 days, for 5 males and 5 females ages 12-17. The youth being referred may be involved in domestic dispute situations or selected status offenses. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services licenses Turning Point. Turning Point provides 24-hour supervision and guidance by trained child-care staff. In addition, a full time social worker provides services to the juveniles and their families with appropriate community service referrals.

Admissions to the shelter are approved by the Assessment Center staff and administration. Turning Point does not function as a sentencing or dispositional alternative. The Shelter provides a program for youth in crisis or emergency situations.

The goal of Turning Point is to return the youth to their home or legal guardian after a brief respite without further intervention by the court.

COVID Visitation Policy – Turning Point Visitation

In-person visitation for families is suspended. Residents are able to contact family members via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype by appointment only.

Professional staff are able to visit residents by appointment only.

Contact Turning Point Shelter for appointment at (440) 326-4090 or email Steve Medvetz.

Phone Calls: 10-minute daily phone calls permitted.

Reporting concerns regarding Turning Point

In the event a member from the community has concerns regarding Turning Point Shelter they may contact Administrative Supervisor Steve Medvetz at (440) 326-4071 or Director David Lucey at (440) 326-4001.

In the event the concern cannot get resolved the matter will be referred by the Supervisor to the Administrative Supervisor. You may also email the Administrative Supervisor Steve Medvetz with any concerns.