Staff Spotlight


Barb is a Child Care Worker at Turning Point Shelter.

Q & A with Barb

Describe your job to someone that is looking to enter the field and secure employment with Lorain County Domestic Relations Court?  

“Working at Turning Point Shelter consists of monitoring youth who are going through a difficult situation at home. We try to give youth a positive experience and approach each situation with an open mind and kind heart. The day to day operations consist of one-on-one conversations with youth, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking and spending quality time with each youth.”

Provide some information about your first few weeks in your position.   Were you required to complete training?  Were you excited or overwhelmed?  When did you start feeling comfortable within your position?  

“My first few weeks were overwhelming due to a mixture of anxiety and excitement for a new experience. I completed a 2-week training period and I did not feel comfortable with my job until I realized these youths just want attention and they need to be taught simple life skills.”


What are the most important skills needed to be successful as a Child Care Worker?

“Listening skills, empathy, patience, kindness, humor, communication skills.”

What are the aspects of your job that you love and are the most rewarding?  

“The most rewarding part of this job is when you get a phone call from a previous resident telling you how successful they are and how Turning Point started them on the right path.  I enjoy talking with the youth, playing games, telling stories and being able to have a fun conversation with each youth.”

One of the primary foundations of our Court is helping youth and families.  Share a success story you have had working with a family.

A success story of youth I’ve worked with at Turning Point is about twins that came from a very broken family. Their future didn’t seem like they had anything to look forward to. Luckily, these girls were determined and head strong. After researching the Job Corps Program with them, they decided to enroll. Today they are both doing great. One is in the medical field and the other girl is a model who works for various clothing stores within the Cleveland area. From time to time I will hear from these two girls which is always very rewarding. They both tell me because of Turning Point they are doing great and did not turn to the path of a lot of our youth today.”