Staff Spotlight


Charles is a Juvenile Detention Officer at the Lorain County Detention Home.

Q & A with Charles

Describe your job to someone that is looking to enter the field and secure employment with Lorain County Domestic Relations Court?  

“Being employed at the Detention Home is not a career choice for everyone.  This is a position that requires you to be extremely alert and a person that can think quickly all the time.  The job has high and low moments, all of which are learning experiences.  There are situations at the Detention Home in which you will be required to intervene in physical altercations to ensure the safety of the residents and facility is upheld.  The job requires you to conduct searches for contraband to ensure the safety of staff and youth.  While stressful at times, this process is rewarding as you are aware you are enhancing the safety of the building.”

Provide some information about your first few weeks in your position.   Were you required to complete training?  Were you excited or overwhelmed?  When did you start feeling comfortable within your position?  

“During the first few weeks on the job there is training hours that must be completed and you are being assessed and evaluated by your supervisor.  The training is primarily “on the job” training and includes learning the policies and procedures of the Detention Home.  The first few weeks are overwhelming at times because of the amount of information that must be learned.  I started to feel comfortable in my position around the fourth month of my employment.  It is very important to find your comfort zone in a career choice of this manner.”


What are the most important skills needed to be successful as a Juvenile Detention Officer?

“Some of the most important skills for a career choice of this nature is the ability to use great verbal skills to de-escalate situations.  You must possess the ability to read the residents and analyze a situation quickly so it can be resolved early.  Maintaining the ability to stay calm in a situation is critical and ensures the safety of yourself and the residents.  In my opinion, the most important skills are to be fair, firm and consistent with all of the juveniles your serve.”

What are the aspects of your job that you love and are the most rewarding?  

“The job is rewarding when you get to see a youth you worked with experience success in the community after he/she leaves the Detention Home.  We provide guidance and mentoring to the youth in our facility with the hopes that they experience success in the community in the future.  It is gratifying to know you did your job well when you see youth succeeding.”

One of the primary foundations of our Court is helping youth and families.  Share a success story you have had working with a youth at the Detention Home.

“On a daily basis I am helping a juvenile succeed and getting families through tough times.  I try my best to be a positive role model for all of the youth I encounter with hopes of helping them learn from their decisions.  Observing a youth change his behaviors and seeing him or her be successful has been a very gratifying aspect of my position.”